Customizable authentication for developers

Build an authentication experience that meets the needs of their business and resonates with users.

Seamless user onboarding

Guide users effortlessly across your suite of apps and brands. Customize an intuitive login journey tailored to your audience.

Graphic showing seamless user journey and access across multiple apps and properties.

Single sign-on

One login to rule all your apps. Simplify access to your apps and improve security with an SSO solution that’s easy to implement.

Diagram depicting single sign-on with a mobile device connecting to various apps by authenticating with Google.

Go beyond passwords

If you don't like passwords, what makes you think your users do? Passwordless authentication using passkeys, OTPs and magic links are available out of the box for hassle-free sign-ins.

Explore Passwordless

Multiple identities, one login

From social media and enterprise, to legal digital profiles, users juggle numerous online identities. Empower them to consolidate these personas and engage with your apps securely.

Identity providers docs

Social logins support

Accelerate the registration and authentication process with over 40 social login alternatives available. Easily create your own social login extension to perfectly fit your needs.

Social Identity docs

Elevate your authentication game

Transform mundane logins into memorable user experiences.