Hassle-free multi-factor authentication

MFA shouldn't be a pain in the SaaS. Implement an adaptable and seamless MFA experience that maximizes security without compromising user experience.

Balancing user experience with Adaptive MFA

MFA is a proven deterrent against 99.9% of hacking attempts. However, traditional MFA can be an overkill. Enter Adaptive MFA: only prompt users when a login seems risky, keeping security robust yet user-friendly.

Diagram showing different devices following by various adaptive MFA methods leading to a successful login.

Choose how you authenticate with flexible factors

Don’t lock users into a single authentication method. We offer an array of authentication factors, adapting to diverse needs and preferences, ensuring both businesses and users have choices beyond just passwords.

Explore Factors in Docs

Embrace the future with WebAuthn

Offer users a sleek enrollment process for all their WebAuthn-enabled devices. Say goodbye to complex password rules. WebAuthn isn't just phishing-proof—it’s also a game-changer for smoother user authentications.

WebAuthn docs

Beyond basic authentication: step up your MFA game

With Step-Up MFA, enforce stronger authentication only when users access sensitive application zones, ensuring tighter security where it's needed most.

Step-up Authentication docs

Auth0 by Okta Guardian's push notifications

Rethink MFA prompts. Ditch manual codes and SMS. With Auth0 Guardian, users can authenticate with a simple push notification. It's secure, fast, and intuitive.

Auth0 Guardian docs

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Increase your application’s security without sacrificing the user experience.