Identity Proofing

Verify a user’s claimed identity against their actual identity.


Self-registration is a common practice to onboarding new users to an application. Unfortunately with this process, identity verification is based on fields such as email or phone number, neither of which verify the actual identity of the user. In comes identity proofing. Often as a front line of defense for authentication, identity proofing is used to ensure a user’s claimed identity matches their actual identity.

How it fits within the Auth0 ecosystem

Because of the complexity around identity proofing methods, many organizations have struggled to build and manage an in-house solution. By recruiting identity proofing experts via Auth0 Marketplace, we’re enabling organizations to reduce friction in the authentication process to drive more revenue and higher retention rates, while adhering to industry-specific compliance standards.

Our Identity Proofing Partners

Auth0 partners have created Actions Integrations that make it possible for organizations to implement identity proofing into their applications without the heavy lift of building or scaling an in-house solution.


AuthID Verified strengthens multi-factor authentication by adding advanced facial biometric authentication to verify the user, not just the device. AuthID’s drag-and-drop solution integrates seamlessly with Auth0 to protect user identity with encryption, while reducing the customer effort with low-friction authentication.

AuthID on Auth0 Marketplace


Berbix Verify provides instant, automated, and flexible ID verification with optional biometric comparisons for a seamless onboarding and re-verification experience. Within a few clicks, you can require identity verification for all users, or use a highly flexible integration to target high-risk users or users in specific scenarios.

Berbix on Auth0 Marketplace

ID DataWeb

ID DataWeb offers three primary methods of risk-based verification: mobile match, BioGovID , and Dynamic KBA. With each method, organizations can set up a conditional, multi-step process for proving a user’s identity.

ID DataWeb on Auth0 Marketplace


Identity Proofing with Auth0 Partner Integrations

Watch this webinar to learn more about our identity proofing partners and their integrations.

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