Customer Data Platforms

Enrich customers’ profiles with valuable identity data

What are customer data platforms (CDP)?

The ability to capture customer data across multiple channels has given organizations even more opportunities to understand who their users are and how they behave. Using identity attributes, CDPs collect data to: connect pre and post account activities to the same customer, verify and update user identity attributes to enrich user profiles, and connect transactional user data to existing sales and marketing systems to optimize customer experiences.

How does CDP fit within Auth0’s ecosystem?

Through its unified user interface, Auth0 captures deterministic data and events related to onboarding and login across all connected digital applications and channels, and feeds this to the CDP. Auth0 acts as a single source of truth for trusted identity data, enabling the following use cases: connect anonymous leads to a known user to a converted customer, enrich user profiles with accurate customer identity data, and power analytics with actionable identity insights.

Our CDP partners

Using Auth0 as an essential component in the end-to-end digital relationship, our CDP partners have released pre-built integrations available on the Auth0 Marketplace, making it easy for customers to easily configure and leverage CDP insights quickly.

Tealium User Login

Tealium connects customer data from web, mobile, IoT, and other sources to create a unified, customer profile. Using a real-time data infrastructure, Tealium CDP constructs highly accurate, comprehensive, and actionable customer profiles that enables organizations to put the customer at the center of their marketing and development tactics.

Tealium on Auth0 Marketplace

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