Consent Management

Comply with data privacy regulations using tools to log and track user consent for compliance

What is consent management?

The identity landscape is complex, with evolving threats, new privacy regulations, and growing expectations for how businesses handle user data. When businesses collect data from users, they need to inform them about the types of data being collected, and how they plan to use it. Consent management helps maintain compliance by explicitly informing users about data collection, usage, and storage processes and allows organizations to log and track consent across their user base.

How it fits within the Auth0 ecosystem

Within Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM), consent management is part of the cycle that can power positive customer experiences. After users have gone through the customer experience funnel (via login and signup flows), they can provide data and compliance preferences, as part of the consent management flow. This then allows marketing teams to leverage user data in targeted marketing tactics to improve conversion.

Our consent management partners

With security and compliance at top of mind for many of our customers, our consent management partners have built consent management integrations on the Auth0 Marketplace, enabling our customers to easily implement consent management within their applications.

DataGuard Consent & Preference Management

Capture, retain, and grow consent for GDPR compliance. The DataGuard Consent & Preference Management Actions integration allows you to connect your authentication and sign-up flows to collect customer consent and preferences across multiple touchpoints.

DataGuard on Auth0 Marketplace


Enhance user profiles with consent and communication preferences. The OneTrust Actions integration enables you to operationalize privacy, security, and third-party risks programs, giving you the automation, workflows, and record keeping practices you need to meet various compliance regulations.

OneTrust on Auth0 Marketplace
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