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Wallet Login

Enable user authentication in your app with a Web3 wallet.

Sprouce logo

Sign in with Ethereum

By Spruce ID

Enable sign in with an ethereum wallet via https://login.xyz

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Sign in with Unstoppable

By Unstoppable

Enable login with an Unstoppable domain associated with a Polygon/Ethereum wallet.

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Sign in with DID

By Dock.io

Enable sign-in with a DID on Dock's identity blockchain.

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Web3 Identity Data

Integrations that let you query on-chain identity data and use it in your application.

Ethereum Name Service

By Auth0 Lab

Access Ethereum Name System user data.

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NFT Fetch

By Auth0 Lab

Access Ethereum Name System user data.

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Web3 Wallets for any user

Integrations to connect Web3 wallets to user accounts for identity and access management.


Provision with Web3Auth

By Web3Auth

Provision non-custodial wallets for users and let them control access via social logins

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