Test Connections

Generally, to test a connection, you must log in to the Auth0 Dashboard.

  1. Navigate to Auth0 Dashboard, and select Authentication, then select the type of connection you want to test.

  2. Locate the connection you want to test, and select Try Connection from its More Options menu (...).

  3. Log in with the identity provider.

  4. Wait for the It Works! page that displays the result.

Auth0 simulates the authentication flow as if it were an application, displaying the User Profile resulting from a successful authentication.

Test partner connections

If you are testing a connection that belongs to someone else, and you don't have test credentials with them, it is not possible to be logged in to the Auth0 Dashboard. This is common when connecting to Enterprise connections, such as SAML Identity Providers (IdPs) or Active Directory. The solution? Your partners can test the new connection.

  1. Register a test app.

    • Navigate to Auth0 Dashboard > Applications > Applications, and select Create Application. You can give it any name (for example, Test App).

    • In the settings of the newly-created app, set Allowed Callback URLs to http://jwt.io.

    • Select Save Changes.

  2. Send your partner the link to log in.


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    Replace these two parameters:

    • client_id: Client ID of the application created in Step 1.

    • connection: Name of the connection you want to test.

  3. Test the connection. When your partner follows the link, they will be redirected to their configured Identity Provider (the connection). After successful authentication, they will be sent back to JWT.io where all user properties will be decoded from the token.