Consumer habits are changing. And online retailers must meet their expectations.

Knowing each customer's behavior across channels, understanding their journeys, and providing friction-less authentication leads to revenue and brand loyalty.

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Experience-Driven Secure Customer Journey

Consumers prefer brands that deliver memorable shopping experiences, personalized to their unique preferences. They want to be entertained, informed, and served – securely and safely – along each step of their journey. Everything revolves around the customer.

  • Social Shopping

    Seamless cross-channel retail means secure one-click shopping on the social channels that GenZ and Millennials prefer.

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  • Peace of Mind and Trust

    Trust goes beyond secure log-in. Retailers must demonstrate to customers their data and actions are secure at every step in the journey. Learn how retailers can strengthen data security and improve customer experience.

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  • Customer-Controlled Privacy

    Give consumers what they want – the ability to control their privacy profiles without compromising their (and your) security and compliance. Learn how to use consent management as a competitive advantage.

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  • Easy to Use

    Security, authentication, identity access, industry standards can be confusing. The last thing you need is complicated software. Try Auth0 quickstarts for any platform or framework.

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Enable Customer 360

Consumers expect brands to act on a 360-degree understanding of their wants, needs and desires. Retailers need to secure data-driven interactions.

  • Individual Profiles

    Retailers are individualizing experiences with secure individual customer profiles that enable behavior-based identity and access controls. Read how profile enrichment and progressive profiling can boost your marketing.

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  • Customer-Sensitive, Risk-Based CIAM

    Shopping journeys cross multiple channels and related brands. Retailers can secure these seamless experiences, without adding friction, with adaptive authentication based on individual customer behavior, journey steps and location. Learn about Multifactor Authentication.

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  • Follow-the-Customer

    Omnichannel customer journeys require retailers be able to follow the customer across channels, partners and platforms securing each interaction point. Read how GrandVision built an omnichannel retail experience using Auth0.

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Individualize Each Customer's Experience

Consumers want their uniqueness and individuality acknowledged and used to deliver unique brand and retail-tainment experiences. To deliver on these expectations, retailers must securely capture data from disparate sources and operationalize them into real-time customer interactions.

  • Boost Lifecycle Marketing

    Customer lifetime value is rooted in personalized offers, promotions and pricing which depend on more complete customer profiles to drive marketing and loyalty programs.

    Delight your customers using Auth0
  • Balance New Privacy Models

    Retailers are balancing richer consumer profiles with growing privacy concerns by offering new ‘privacy by design’ and privacy control options.

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Broaden Partner Ecosystems

Retailers are forging new partner ecosystems into interconnected service platforms to create a single rich experience and deliver greater value, differentiation, and convenience. Joint loyalty and partner ecosystems up the ante on security and CIAM; get it right and reap future market share and revenue growth.

  • Loyalty Offerings

    Related category brands serving the similar customers with hyper-local offerings are creating interconnected service platforms to drive growth. Learn about identity and loyalty programs.

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  • Blended Commerce

    Unique orchestrated cross-channel shopping from retail-tainment or digital ‘Live’ help requires richer, multi-dimensional customer contexts.

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  • Frictionless Federation

    Federate at scale by setting up as many Active Directories, PingFederate, LDAP, or custom SAML-P providers as you and partners need to serve new markets. Learn why identity federation is your secret weapon.

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  • Advanced CyberSecurity

    Scammers are taking advantage of the rise in online shopping with fraudulent ‘add new payment’, ‘return without receipt’ and other tactics.

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Compliance, Security and Scale

It goes without saying that customer data security and compliance is top of mind in most retail boardrooms. Auth0 has built state-of-the-art security into our product, so you can take advantage of cutting-edge features designed to make protecting your users and business worry-free.

  • Multiple Identity Providers

    Federate at scale by setting up as many Active Directory, PingFederate, LDAP, or even a custom SAML-P providers for as many users as needed.

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  • Single Sign-On

    SSO authentication gives users a seamless experience as they navigate through your internal and third party applications.

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  • API-Based Authentication

    Secure your APIs with advanced identity management protocols and collaborate with ease.

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  • Industry Standard Protocols

    Increase consistency and continuity in your business operations and execution by adopting an identity platform that supports industry-wide authentication standards like OAuth and OpenID Connect.

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  • Compliance and Certifications

    Compliance with leading organizations including SOC2, GDPR, OpenID Connect, and others.

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  • Public and Private Cloud

    Host your application in Auth0's public cloud, our private cloud or in your AWS environment. Our highly-available multi-tenant cloud service can handle over 1 billion transactions daily.

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