Connected health, personalized care journeys, and world-class security go together.

Deliver individualized patient-centered care experiences based on secure patient portal, touchpoints alignment, records access, and device data.

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Secure Patient-Centered Care, by Design

Patients expect personalized, care journeys incorporating integrative and holistic care practices from an aligned care team using the latest digital technology, wearables, telemedicine, and partner data. Everything revolves around the patient. Why shouldn’t identity?

  • HIPAA Compliance

    Auth0 offers HIPAA Business Associate agreements for identity and authentication services for companies handling PHI data.

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  • Meet Evolving Patient Expectations

    Respond to evolving patient expectations requires securely integrating digital tools and analysis through application extensibility and customization.

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  • Increase Security and Resilience

    Reduce financial, reputational, and operational risks from the rising threat of open IoT devices on facility networks, wearables and in patient homes.

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  • Easy to Use

    Security, authentication, identity access, industry standards can be confusing. The last thing you need is complicated software. Auth0 Offers SDKs and Quickstarts for nearly any platform.

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Comprehensive Patient 360'

Providers, front-line staff, and digital health solutions need a 360-degree understanding of each patient to deliver ‘value-added’ care. It is a table stake to enable fine-grained secure application controls, Data-as-a-Platform (DaaP) to extract and operationalize insights, and offer tailored services to strategically segmented customers.

  • Digital Delivery

    Patients increasingly prefer virtual, yet Providers’ digital front doors cannot be one-size-fits all. It is all about tailoring interactions based on a single view of patients' history.

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  • Patient Self-Management

    Patients want a strong say in their care treatments; they (and their care teams) also want to be better equipped to reduce readmissions or relapses.

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  • Value-Based Services

    Patients and employers are seeking better value at lower costs with better outcomes and experiences; world-class security is key.

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Power Patient Portals

As patient portals become ‘gateways’ to care journeys, education and collaboration, for patients and their multidisciplinary care teams, the experience must be robust, friction-less, integrated with clinical systems, and build confidence that everything is always secure.

  • Serve Employees and Patients

    The Healthcare workforce is becoming more agile and digitally empowered. They expect ease-of-use access so they can focus on higher quality care and better patient outcomes.

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  • Reduce Data Silos

    Providers struggle to improve coordination across data silos to reduce risk of mismatched records, care errors and adopt AI, NLP, and Cloud solutions.

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  • Deeper Patient Knowledge

    The healthcare industry is being challenged similarly to Retailers – achieve deeper, more meaningful relationships with customers – based on behaviors and profile enrichment

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  • Secure Patient Data

    More Patient portals and differing access points and devices mean an ever-changing threat perimeter. Secure those points with a consistent identity-based posture.

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Identity-Driven Healthcare Infrastructure

Healthcare is being disrupted with the entry of big digital brands, non-traditional players and start-ups demonstrating more user-friendly and cost-efficient ways to deliver healthcare. The stakes are high, and innovation is the path to growth, as is partnering with these new market entrants.

  • Cloud-First, Cloud Agnostic

    Auth0 provides identity infrastructure and consumer-grade scale – in public or private clouds. Private Cloud are single-subscriber, isolated instances that offer increased performance, stability, availability, and control.

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  • Developer-Friendly

    Auth0 offers SDKs for nearly any application platform or framework along with APIs optimized for developer-driven integrations and componentized architectures.

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  • Frictionless Federation

    Federate at scale by setting up as many Active Directories, PingFederate, LDAP, or custom SAML-P providers as you and partners need to serve new markets.

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  • User Governance

    Always maintain full control and ownership of your user data. Store user data securely with Auth0, in a federated database like Active Directory, or your own custom database.

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