Financial services

Accelerate new banking and insurance revenue channels

Deliver personalized identity-driven customer experiences by securely opening your platform to include value-added products from Fintech and Insurtech partners.

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  • Customer experience
  • Telematics
  • Collaboration

Customer experience

Customer-Sensitive, Risk-Based Identity and Access Management

Seamlessly secure customer access and interactions based on their behaviors and journeys without sacrificing personalization or added friction

  • Know Your Customers

    Conduct and validate due diligence checks, without creating complicated logins, that confirm your banking or insurance customer is who they say they are.

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  • Secure Customer 360 Data Profiles

    Accelerate digital transformation to compete with big digital brands staking a claim on online banking and insurance market share by operationalizing individual customer 360° profiles built on Auth0’s behavior-based identity and access.

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  • New Banking / Insurance Business Models

    Implement new business models and geographic expansion with a world-class identity system that supports Open Banking and Open Insurance standards.

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  • Simplify Access

    Banking customers want safe, fast, frictionless transactions with recommended banking, investment, and insurance products relevant to them. Auth0 enables them with authentication and progressive profiling.

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IoT and Telematics

Emerging insurance trends indicate turning IoT and telematics data to establish pay-per-use policies, improve claims management, and streamline smart underwriting, creating an urgent need for a scalable and secure IAM platform for your customers’ connected ecosystems.

  • Integrate Multiple Access Points

    Insurers and Insurtech can quickly integrate consumer and business customers’ IoT and Telematics data into legacy and new applications by unlocking their backend and connecting trusted devices with Auth0’s easy-to-use, scalable security solution that maintains platform-neutrality.

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  • Cloud First, Cloud Agnostic

    Auth0 provides identity infrastructure and consumer-grade scale – in public or private clouds. Private Cloud is a single-subscriber, isolated instance that offers increased performance, stability, availability, and control with reduced maintenance.

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  • Contextual Security

    Context-based security is mission-critical to secure IoT connected devices. Build conditional workflows and deliver authentication challenges using triggers such as abnormal behavior, changes in geographic location, or logins from unrecognized devices.

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Expand Your Banking Ecosystem, Safely

Safely open your bank’s platform to securely offer new Fintech and InsurTech services with Auth0 ecosystem-aware solution that ensures PCI-DSS, PSD2, NYDFS, GDPR, and CCPA regulatory compliance.

  • Frictionless Federation

    Federate at scale by setting up as many Active Directories, PingFederate, LDAP, or custom SAML-P providers as you and partners need to serve new markets.

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  • Reduce Malware and Attack Risk

    Auth0 helps guards against social engineering by capturing and applying user context to authentication. And sophisticated credential-stuffing detection protects against bad actors

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  • Developer Friendly

    Auth0 offers SDKs for nearly any application platform or framework and APIs optimized for developer-driven integrations for fast time to value and developer productivity.

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Innovative Financial Technology

Innovate business models, self-service capabilities, monetize customer data, and expand Fintech and Insurtech partnerships by leveraging customer data and behavior insights.

  • Trust and Loyalty Programs

    For insurance and banks the stakes and risks are high. Customer trust and loyalty depend on interconnecting customer experience with security, which Auth0 was built to do from the ground-up.

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  • Open Standards

    Auth0 is built on battle-tested identity standards including OpenID Connect, OAuth, LDAP, SAML, and JSON Web Tokens (JWTs)

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  • Build Innovate Digital Storefronts

    Drive speed, agility and innovate with new digital storefronts based on Auth0’s rich customer data insights integrated with your bank or insurance company’s marketing and sales systems to identify new revenue channels.

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  • Build the Bank of the Future

    Leverage Auth0’s deep customer insights to innovate the bank of the future that drives new, connected omnichannel experiences personalized for each customer.

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