Auth0 Videos

Learn Identity Series

Learn about digital identity including OAuth2, OpenID Connect, calling APIs, and more! In this video series, we cover:

  • The history of modern identity and some of the foundational concepts and terminology

  • Protocols, open standards, SSO, JWTs, OAuth2, and OpenID Connect

  • Web application authentication

  • How to call an API with a web application

  • Native applications, including those for mobile, desktop, and command line use

  • Single-page applications

Get Started Series

Check out the Get Started series of videos to learn the basics of implementing Auth0 features with your applications. In this video series, you can learn the following:

  • What an Auth0 tenant is

  • How Auth0 manages user information

  • How to move your existing users to an Auth0 user store

  • The difference between authentication, authorization, and access control, and when and why you use each one

  • How Auth0's Universal Login feature works

  • How Auth0 authorization works using ID tokens

  • How to get and validate an ID token

  • How to manage users

  • How branding works with Auth0 for signup, login, emails, and error pages

  • How to configure how your users logout