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Startup Stories: Browse AI

Browse AI Democratizes Access to Information on the Internet with Auth0

October 10, 2023

“I was captivated by the internet's inclusive nature, allowing a child with no knowledge of English in a small city in the Middle East to create and share something with the world,” Ardy Naghshineh, Founder and CEO of Browse AI, shared about his childhood. In January 2020, driven by his vision for a more inclusive online experience, Browse AI was brought to life with a mission to democratize access to information on the internet. He noticed that large enterprises were able to acquire and invest in business-critical data, leaving smaller organizations and individuals who couldn’t afford it behind. Since then, Browse AI has leveled the playing field for over 250,000 users by empowering them to make data-driven decisions and stay competitive in their industries.

Making the Internet More Inclusive

Browse AI is a no-code web data extraction platform that allows non-technical users to train custom AI robots to turn any website into a spreadsheet or data pipeline in minutes. Their method provides a simple and cost-effective way to utilize valuable live data.

Our first-of-its-kind platform reduces the time and expense required for data acquisition, allowing organizations to focus on analyzing and leveraging data to drive innovation and success.

Ardy Naghshineh
Founder and CEO
Browse AI

Popular use cases include turning websites into APIs, price monitoring, product data extraction, and lead generation, but Browse AI is a very flexible product. They haven’t focused on a specific niche or vertical, which has made their product applicable to many. One of the more unique use cases came from a 9-year-old user who used the product for a school project. He extracted NFL game results and forecasts from different sites and, with the help of Browse AI and a few other applications, published a website that showcased everything in one place. Did we mention this was done on their free plan? Besides this use case being extremely clever, it speaks to not only the simplicity of getting started but also the power this product puts in the hands of all of its users — from the classroom to the offices of Fortune 500 companies.

Browse AI’s vision is clear, and they consider their current product to be just one piece of the puzzle. While they know they’re helping users in meaningful ways, they also believe they have room for more advancement. “We’re in this for the long game, and we have really ambitious goals. We’re just getting started.”

Auth0: A Trusted Solution

Ardy shared that he spent his career developing multi-million dollar web applications for Fortune 500 companies. Even before he started Browse AI, he was familiar with the extensive engineering time spent on building user authentication. After prototyping and reading through our documentation, they decided Auth0 was the best solution for their team.

We used Auth0 from day one to be able to spend our limited time on innovating and creating new user experiences rather than building another user authentication system.

Ardy Naghshineh
Founder and CEO
Browse AI

Auth0 became a valuable asset to Browse AI as their customer base grew rapidly. A lean but mighty team of four senior engineers oversaw over 200,000 new user signups over the course of six months. While this could have been a strenuous task, the team felt confident about their authentication system’s scalability and reliability. Auth0 has since helped the Browse AI team save about 4-5 months of engineering time.

Why Auth0?

Join Browse AI and the other 1700+ startups that benefit from Auth0

The Auth0 for Startups program brings the simplicity, extensibility, and scalability of Auth0 to qualifying startups – all free for one year. We are passionate about helping startups get their applications up and running while we take care of identity needs. So much so that we recently expanded our eligibility by increasing the funding limit to $5M, doubling our previous cap. If you have any questions, you can find us at or apply here.

A special thank you to Ardy and the entire Browse AI team. If you want to create your own NFL game results website or just want to take advantage of any of the other many use cases, get started with Browse AI here. If you want to follow their journey, check out their blog here.

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