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Some Say

Some Say — Complexity Is Your Friend

Systems may be complex, but they work ...right?

February 11, 2019

When it comes to identity, or digital identity if you prefer, complex is most definitely a word that a lot of organizations would use to describe it. Think about your organization as you read through this...

For starters, there are many use cases for, and definitions of, identity — from traditional Identity and Access Management (IAM), to Access Management (AM), to Identity as a Service (IDaaS), to Consumer Identity and Access Management (CIAM), and then there is also Identity Governance and Administration. Are you keeping up so far?

Also, have we mentioned yet, the different types of Identity? Human, devices, machines… Then there’s the question of: are they internally facing or external? Are you still keeping up??

And last but absolutely not least, where in an organization’s technology stack does, or should, this all sit? And who on earth owns it? Is IT keeping up???

Many feel that complexity in identity is simply the inevitable outcome of time and growth. No one intended for it to rise to the current level, but it so often does. For others the complex structure makes them feel safe in the knowledge that every possible base, when it comes to securely managing and authenticating identities for today and tomorrow, is covered. If you are one of those who believe complexity equals safety, there is no need to read further.

Some Say - Complexity is your friend

For the rest of us, how about making a case for simplicity?

For example, here’s a simple list of items that could be ...simplified, easily:

  • Effective execution of business processes
  • Improved automation
  • Stronger security now (and as you grow)
  • Added business value
  • Enhanced user experiences
  • Faster time to market

To find out how you can simplify identity in your department or organization, we’re offering a personalized Identity assessment — contact us to get yours.

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