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Reasons to Fall in Love with Passkeys

This Valentine’s Day ditch passwords and fall in love with passkeys, the future of authentication!

February 14, 2024

This Valentine’s Day story is a love story, but like many love stories, it starts with a tragic breakup. Just yesterday I was writing a breakup letter with passwords, it wasn’t easy, but necessary. Our relationship was going nowhere, and long gone were the days of butterflies and passion.

With my heart cautiously open, I decided to take a leap of faith. I'm embarking on a new love story, one built on trust, convenience, and affection, a relationship where I feel safe, where I can be myself, my face, my fingerprints, and not a random string.

My new love is passkeys, and maybe it’s again those butterflies in my stomach doing the thinking, but what’s not to be loved about passkeys?

As I write these words down, I want to celebrate what passkeys bring in for me, to our relationship, to my online identity, and to my protection:

  • An Unbreakable Bond: Passkeys, through the magic of public-key cryptography, forge an unbreakable connection between me and my data. It’s like a padlock secured by something uniquely mine, like my fingerprints, my face, or one of my secure devices.

    A bond so strong that it can resist brute-force attempts, a bond so unique that it is breach safe, and a bond so close that it is phishing resistant.

  • Effortless Access: I remember the frantic searches, the cold sweat dripping down my forehead as I desperately tried every password combination? With passkeys I can say goodbye to such anxieties! using a simple tap, a fingerprint, or a facial scan. Just like effortlessly unlocking my partner’s heart with a shared understanding.

  • Always By My Side: No more worrying about forgotten passwords or locked accounts. Passkeys work across different platforms and devices, ensuring I’m always connected to my loved ones, just like an invisible link that keeps us together.

  • Sharing is Caring: I can easily share my passkeys across my devices without compromising security. Passkeys offer seamless login experiences across devices and secure and convenient ways to grant access, just like sharing experiences in a healthy relationship.

  • Uniquely Yours: Since I can’t reuse a passkey, they are unique per online service and account. When I create a new passkey, it’s tied to that specific domain.

I’m sharing my love story, in hopes it will inspire others. If you ever felt like me, and you think it’s time to ditch passwords and move on, learn and adopt passkeys today!. logoCurious about how passkeys work? Try passkeys now →
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