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Solving Digital Identity Management for Your SaaS Application

Your identity platform is critical to growing and scaling your SaaS application. Accelerate business growth and keep your users secured with Auth0 by Okta

January 17, 2024

For today’s SaaS builders, the pressure to rapidly innovate and seamlessly scale can be intense.

Evolving macroeconomic pressures mean companies building SaaS applications need to do more with less. And every B2C innovation amps SaaS customer expectations. AI has further transformed the competitive landscape, presenting both an opportunity for product differentiation and a threat. There’s just more that attackers can do now — and they can do it faster.

SaaS companies also need to do more — and they need to see speed and security gains just so customers can keep up with the rate of change. And honestly, they need to deliver more than what’s expected in order to stay relevant in this fast-paced society.

Since SaaS is in this ever-evolving space, companies must keep up at the business level to stay ahead of their competition. In turn, developers must continuously learn new back-end methods to keep up with the new SaaS technologies.

Let us show you how Auth0 by Okta keeps up and makes your life easier.

How Auth0 by Okta can help your SaaS

Robust identity management is crucial for ensuring seamless user experiences, maintaining data security, and complying with regulatory requirements. Auth0, the leading identity and access management (IDaaS) platform, stands out as the ideal solution for SaaS applications due to its comprehensive features, ease of use, and robust security measures.

Auth0 simplifies the authentication and authorization process for SaaS applications, enabling developers to focus on building core functionalities rather than building their own identity solutions and managing identity infrastructure.

Universal Login provides a centralized and unified login experience for users across all your applications, supporting a wide range of authentication flows, devices, and screen sizes. Universal Login enhances user experience and simplifies the integration process for developers. With Universal Login, users can sign in using passkeys or use their existing credentials from social media platforms, enterprise directories, or email addresses, eliminating the need to create separate accounts for each application.

In addition to Universal Login, Auth0 provides a comprehensive set of SDKs for various programming languages and frameworks, making it easy for developers to integrate Auth0 into their applications. These SDKs handle everyday authentication tasks, such as login forms and password resets, ensuring consistent and secure user experiences across applications. For more customized scenarios, Auth0's powerful APIs provide granular control over authentication and authorization flows, allowing developers to tailor them to specific requirements and integrate seamlessly with third-party services.

Here are some specific benefits of using Auth0 for SaaS applications:

  • Streamlined user onboarding: Universal Login eliminates the need for users to create separate accounts for each application, making it easier for them to get started.
  • Improved user experience: A seamless and consistent login experience across all applications enhances user satisfaction and reduces friction.
  • Customizability: The Universal Login page can be customized to match your brand and needs. At the same time, Auth0 Actions enable developers to extend Auth0 beyond its core functionality and incorporate custom logic such as integrations with APIs (CRMs, billing, email automation, marketing tools, etc) or write custom policies into the authentication and authorization flows.
  • Reduced development time: Developers can save time and effort using pre-built Universal Login components and SDKs, simplifying the integration process.
  • Global or regional scalability: Auth0's public and private cloud-based infrastructure scale seamlessly to accommodate user demand internationally and fluctuating traffic spikes.
  • Security Center and Log Streaming: Auth0 provides robust security features to protect your SaaS application users and your business. With Attack protection features such as bot detection and breached password detection, you can offer comprehensive protection against credential-stuffing attacks. You can also offer streamlined security and follow compliance with MFA and RBAC. In addition, you can monitor your applications and detect identity-driven attacks with Security Center and integrate activity logs with your security toolkit with Log Streaming.
  • Expanded support for various platforms: Universal Login and SDKs are available for various programming languages and frameworks, enabling developers to build secure and scalable SaaS applications across various platforms.
  • Future-Proof Features: Auth0 continuously invests in innovation, incorporating the latest security and authentication technologies. By integrating with Auth0, SaaS applications can leverage these future-proof features, ensuring they remain secure and compliant with evolving industry standards.

B2B Ready with Auth0 Organizations

For some SaaS applications, the B2B aspect is baked into the core design, with a clear understanding of the requirements for managing users from different organizations. However, for many SaaS applications, the need to support B2B scenarios may arise as a requirement that needs quick implementation. This can add complexity to development and require significant effort to integrate and maintain separate identity management systems for each organization.

Auth0 addresses this challenge with Auth0 Organizations by providing a unified platform for managing B2B relationships, enabling SaaS applications to efficiently onboard, manage, and secure user identities across multiple organizations.

Auth0 customers can use Organizations to:

  • Represent their business customers and partners in Auth0 and manage their membership.
  • Allow your business customers to securely manage and customize how their end-users access apps, with the ability to add as many organizations as they need to their Customer Identity Cloud (Private Cloud) tenant.
  • Configure branded, federated login flows for each business.
  • Build administration capabilities into their products, using Organizations APIs, so that those businesses can manage their own organizations.
  • Supports your multi-tenant product out-of-the-box, conveniently serving from a single Customer Identity Cloud tenant.


Enterprise Ready

In the realm of enterprise-grade SaaS applications, the need for comprehensive identity management extends far beyond traditional user authentication. Enterprises demand a robust solution that seamlessly integrates with existing IT infrastructure, manages complex access policies, and complies with stringent security standards.

Auth0 enables SaaS applications to connect seamlessly with enterprise systems without building custom integrations, eliminating the need for developers to maintain multiple integrations and reducing development time and effort by providing:

  • Seamless Integration with Enterprise Identity Systems: Auth0 Organizations seamlessly integrate with existing enterprise identity providers, such as Active Directory, LDAP, and SAML IdPs.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) for Enterprise Applications: Auth0 Organizations supports SSO for enterprise applications, enabling employees to sign in to multiple applications using a single set of credentials. This streamlines the user experience and improves productivity.
  • Activity Auditing for Enterprise Compliance: Auth0 provides detailed activity auditing for enterprise compliance, allowing organizations to track user activity and access patterns. This auditing functionality helps to identify suspicious activity, investigate potential security breaches, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Built-in Security

With built-in security features and continuous innovation, Auth0 provides developers with the tools and expertise to build secure SaaS applications that safeguard user identities, sensitive data, and applications from a wide range of threats. Auth0's security features are not only beneficial to developers; they are also a key selling point for SaaS providers who want to ensure their customer’s data and applications are safe and secure.

Here are some of the built-in security features of the Auth0 platform:

Attack Protection

Auth0's attack protection features can detect and stop malicious attempts to access your application by blocking traffic from specific IPs, displaying CAPTCHAs, and more.

Auth0 offers the following attack protection options:

  • Bot Detection: Bots, automated programs often employed by malicious actors performing credential-stuffing attacks, pose a significant threat to online applications and services. Auth0's bot detection capabilities utilize sophisticated techniques to identify and block these bots, preventing them from accessing your applications and disrupting user experiences.
  • Suspicious IP Throttling: Blocks traffic from any IP address that rapidly attempts too many logins or signups. This helps protect your applications from high-velocity attacks that target multiple accounts.
  • Brute Force Protection: Brute force attacks involve repeatedly attempting to guess user login credentials, often automated through scripts or botnets. To combat these attacks, Auth0's brute force protection feature limits the number of failed login attempts from a single IP address. Once a threshold of failed attempts is reached, the IP address is temporarily blocked, preventing further attempts and mitigating the risk of successful brute-force attacks.
  • Breached Password Detection: Auth0 tracks large security breaches that occur on major third-party sites. If Auth0 identifies that any of your users’ credentials were part of a breach, the breached password detection security feature triggers keeping your accounts safe.

attack protection

Auth0's attack protection features are based on industry-standard security protocols, and they can help you protect your applications from a wide range of attack vectors. To implement Auth0's attack protection features, you can integrate Auth0 into your application. Once integrated, Auth0 will automatically protect your application from attacks.


Auth0 goes beyond providing a robust authentication and authorization platform; it also offers a wide range of extensibility capabilities, enabling developers to tailor the platform to their specific application requirements and integrate it with their existing infrastructure.

Auth0 Actions

Auth0 Actions is a powerful extension mechanism that empowers developers to modify Auth0's authentication and authorization flows. These JavaScript functions can be executed at various points in the authentication process, allowing developers to:

  • Modify access tokens with custom claims: Add, update, or remove custom claims to access tokens, enabling granular control over user permissions and data sharing.
  • Integrate with external services: Connect to external services like CRM systems, customer data platforms, and payment gateways to enrich user profiles and facilitate seamless user journeys.
  • Enhance user experiences: Personalize the login and registration experience, customize error messages, and provide user context-aware support.
  • Implement custom logic: Add custom logic to handle specific scenarios, such as verifying two-factor authentication codes or managing user roles.

You can write your own custom Auth0 Actions writing JavaScript code or browse and install any Action from a curated collection at the Auth0 Marketplace. In the marketplace, you can find Actions providing a wide range of functionalities, such as:

  • Social login integrations: Connect with popular social networks like Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn to facilitate user authentication and signup.
  • Identity Proofing: Identity proofing allows you to verify a user's real-world identity based on life history (a credit report), biometrics (a facial scan), and other factors before granting access.
  • Compliance and security solutions: Implement compliance solutions like fraud detection and data privacy controls.

And much more...

Get Started with Our SaaS Starter Kit

Embarking on developing a SaaS application can be an exciting yet challenging endeavor. To simplify the process and accelerate time to market, Auth0 offers a SaaS Starter Kit that provides a jumpstart for building secure and scalable SaaS applications.

The SaaS Starter Kit is a guide and boilerplate you can use to build a Next.js SaaS application tailored for the following use cases:

  • SaaS Multi-tenancy with Auth0 Organizations in a single Auth0 tenant.
  • A tiered pricing model using Auth0 Actions and User Profile App Metadata.
    • Support Trial, Personal, Teams, and Enterprise plans in a SaaS application.
  • Trial plan expiration and user conversion using Auth0 Actions.
    • Use Actions to update user profile data, enrich an ID or Access Token with custom claims, or call 3rd-party APIs, such as the Stripe API, to manage user subscription status.
  • Self-service SSO for business users using the Auth0 Management API and Enterprise connections with support for OIDC connections.
  • Self-service User Management using the Auth0 Management API.

With the Auth0 SaaS Starter Kit as your foundation, you can build secure, scalable, and feature-rich SaaS applications that provide a seamless user experience while adhering to industry best practices for authentication and authorization.

The Customer Identity Platform for Startups

Auth0 for Startups is a program that provides the convenience and security of Auth0 by Okta to eligible startup customers FREE for a year, so you can get your SaaS application up and running quickly while keeping your users’ data secure.

Some of the benefits of the program are:

  • Up to 100k Monthly Active Users
  • Up to 5 Enterprise Connections
  • All the B2B features you need to scale your business

Learn more and apply for the program in the customer identity platform for startups.

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