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Community Catalysts

Introducing Auth0 by Okta Community Catalysts Program

Help grow the Auth0 by Okta Community and get recognized for your contributions. Learn more about our new Community Catalysts Program.

September 20, 2023

Auth0 by Okta is happy to announce an exciting new addition to the Auth0 by Okta Community: the Community Catalysts program! This private, invitation-only group provides a space for our elite members to share their expertise.

What Is Auth0 by Okta Community?

Auth0 by Okta Community is a place for Auth0 by Okta developers, customers, and employees to learn, unlock new skills, and connect with fellow Auth0 by Okta users.

Here, you can ask and answer questions, share expertise, collaborate with fellow developers, submit product feedback, and learn more about implementing and using Auth0 by Okta products and solutions.

What Is the Community Catalysts Program?

The Auth0 by Okta Community Catalysts program encourages elite contributors to lead the way by lending their expertise, knowledge, and best practices to our growing online Community. And in doing so, Community Catalysts will be recognized and rewarded for their time and effort. This is a handpicked group of community members selected by the Auth0 by Okta Community team.

Who Qualifies as an Auth0 by Okta Community Catalyst?

Key criteria for qualifying as a Community Catalyst include:

  • Being an expert. They have a good understanding of Auth0 by Okta and its products.

  • Being an advocate leader. They represent the spirit of the Community, leaving a path for others to follow by sharing knowledge and best practices.

  • Being helpful. They contribute to various topics in the Auth0 by Okta Community by answering/asking questions and contributing to Auth0 by Okta’s product roadmap by submitting feedback or feature requests.

  • Being empathetic. They exemplify a supportive style to help others succeed in maximizing the use of Auth0 by Okta products.

What Benefits Do I Get Being a Community Catalyst?

Member benefits enable you to:

  • Elevate your personal brand and reputation with a special community badge and Okta swag.

  • Enhance your expertise with exclusive access to Okta Learning and certification programs, and discounts to Okta events.

  • Stay connected with Auth0 by Okta experts and your peers with private chat discussions, AMAs, virtual meetups, member spotlights, and more.

  • Influence Auth0 by Okta product roadmap and Community direction by participating in beta testing.

How Do I Become an Auth0 by Okta Community Catalyst?

Here are a few steps to become a Community Catalysts:

  • Start by updating your community forum profile. Share a photo of yourself (or an avatar) and information about yourself.
  • Ask and answer questions in our forum to learn, share knowledge, and grow your experience with Auth0 by Okta.
  • Engage in the forum by providing solutions, commenting, liking posts, or upvoting feedback cards.

Auth0 by Okta Community Catalyst status is awarded for a one-year period. New and renewed Community Catalysts will be handpicked by the Auth0 by Okta Community team based on their contributions in the last 12 months.

Want to learn more about our Auth0 by Okta Community Catalysts program? Check out the Auth0 by Okta Community Catalysts community topic, join the conversation, and get engaged in our questions forum.

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