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Actions Template Implementation Guides: Introduction

Identity starts with the login box

April 03, 2024

What you need to build —and where you need to take your customers — depends on a multitude of factors, including what stack you decide to rest your engineering laurels on.

Going from an anonymous user to a personalized loyalty member journey can take a thousand steps.

With minimal tech investment but a big impact on security and user experience (UX), Okta Customer Identity Cloud has the necessary tools to take the guesswork out of building for common and unique use cases alike.

What is an Action?

Actions let you customize authentication and extend Auth0's capabilities with custom logic. The Actions platform allows you to visually build custom workflows with drag-and-drop Action blocks for complete control.

Actions don't require any downloads or updates on your end. They’re written in Javascript and have 2,000,000 npm modules available to start building. You can test an Action before making it live and even roll back with versioning, which saves the headache of remediation and debugging.

End users also benefit from Actions — with our extensibility platform, you can customize experiences designed to lower friction, making it seamless for customers to convert from anonymous to known users.

Learn by Example: Actions Templates

To support engineers in understanding the power of Actions, we’ve created templates that teach you how to kickstart your understanding of this powerful extensibility layer and address the most common use cases you’ll probably want to solve.

There are many templates to choose from, intended to bolster your security posture, increase conversions, and improve customer retention.

Use cases

Actions templates are organized into different use case categories:

  • MFA: create table stakes for your MFA implementation, and harness Machine Learning confidence scoring to implement your own adaptive MFA program
  • Enrich profile: connect your upstream and downstream services with Auth0 as your unified source of truth for the user profile
  • Access control: limit access to a select group of users and check important account and session information

We designed these use cases to help you get the most out of your Identity solution with Okta Customer Identity Cloud.


Templates provide you with sample code to get you started with different use cases that can be associated with the following triggers:

  • Login
  • Machine to Machine
  • Pre-User Registration
  • Post User Registration
  • Post Change Password
  • Send Phone Message
  • Password Reset / Post Challenge

Multiple Actions can be associated with a single trigger, and you can customize templates to work for your own use cases and flows.

Migrate from Rules and Hooks or DIY Code

With Rules and Hooks being deprecated by late 2024, you can trust Actions templates to guide you through best practices that we’ve baked into the platform. Most Rules and Hooks properties have been moved or reshaped into Actions, so semantics are now clearer and more well-organized with new, consolidated ways of expressing the same or similar information.

Actions streamlines your coding efforts with programming models closely aligned with the Auth0 management API and Auth0 platform.

The way the data is accessed in Actions promotes safe and efficient code, potentially saving you on costly calls to different APIs and running into rate limiting.

Actions templates teach you how to write your own custom code to save you time to ship.

We’ve covered our favorite Actions templates in the following implementation guides that only scratch the surface when it comes to Actions:

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